Closed petition Produce a Farmland Protection Policy to regulate the loss of farmland to solar

Due to the cumulative impact solar developments will have on availability of agricultural land, the Government should produce a regulatory framework in the form of a National Policy Statement on Farmland Protection to avoid losing a critical mass of productive agricultural land to solar.

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Agricultural land is a finite resource. We believe there is currently a policy conflict where Government seeks to protect and enhance our domestic production to maintain food security whilst also encouraging the growth of solar energy production. New ground-mounted solar developments must be subject to increased regulation to ensure that they do not undermine UK food security, which could result in increasing food costs.

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Large solar farms debated by MPs

On Wednesday 9 March, MPs took part in a Westminster Hall debate on large solar farms. The debate was opened by Brendan Clarke-Smith MP. During the debate, MPs discussed the impact of such farms, including the use of agricultural land for solar farms.

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What is a Westminster Hall debate?

Westminster Hall is the second chamber of the House of Commons. Westminster Hall debates give MPs an opportunity to raise local and national issues and receive a response from a government minister. Westminster Hall debates are general debates that do not end in a vote.

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