Closed petition Extend Tax-Free Childcare to people on Skilled Work/Tier 2 visas

Our request is for the Government to extend entitlement to Tax-Free childcare to working parents who are Skilled Worker/Tier 2 visa holders. We equally contribute to the public funds through our taxes. As tax payers we deserve the right to financial support for childcare so we can work stress free.

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Presently Skilled Worker/Tier 2 visa holders have no access to public funds. We appreciate that we are not citizens of the country and therefore not eligible to many other benefits/uses from public funds, which is fair enough. However, being equal tax payers in the country, enjoying no special tax subsidy for being a non-UK citizen, we as Tier 2 visa holders deserve at least the right to financial support for childcare, on humanitarian grounds. It will help these visa holders work stress free whilst our kids are taken care of.

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