Petition Ban smoking and develop a strategy to support people to switch to vaping

We want the UK Government to impose an outright ban on the sale of cigarettes and smoking, and develop a strategy to help more people switch to vaping. Vaping has helped many people to quit smoking and the Government needs to seize this opportunity to transform the nation's health.

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The pandemic and cuts to stop smoking services has led to an increase in smoking rates for some groups. The UK has lost momentum in this public health opportunity and we could miss the nation’s 2030 smoking free target.

Vaping has helped many people to quit smoking, with the NHS saying nearly 3 million smokers have used e-cigarettes, and over half are now smokefree, contributing to at least 22,000 additional quitters a year.

A ban on smoking and vaping strategy is the clear action that could help us achieve our smoke free ambitions.

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