Closed petition Justice for children incorrectly labelled "educationally subnormal" in 1960s/70s

In the 1960s and 70s, hundreds of black children were labelled as "educationally subnormal", and wrongly sent to schools for pupils who were deemed to have low intelligence. We want the Government to apologise to those affected, and create a scheme to financially compensate them.

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During the era of the arrival of the Windrush Generation - who saw Britain as the mother country, and many of whom worked tirelessly for the NHS, manufacturing, retail, transport, business, and the public sector - they had faith and confidence in the education system as they Hundreds of children that were born in Britain or came as migrants were wrongly classified as "educationally subnormal". The Government should apologise for the historic failings that permitted this, and provide financial compensation to those affected.

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