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Rejected petition More Physical education in a school week

To make PE in schools a key subject and that it has to be used 5 times a week every day, and start including double pe lessons in one day

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If we made pe a key subject I believe this will make children more confident to come to school as a lot of kids only come to school for sports and might find other subjects boring or difficult, I think this would open a whole new range of hobbies for children that are not so well of in life and also this has a huge affect of kids mental health, as pe is mainly done outside this will help a lot with kids that can’t go outside at home or it at least gets them of there feet and doing some exercises.

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Physical education (PE) is already a compulsory subject for Key states 1 to 4, but we have published the following petition, which you might like to sign:

Require schools have at least three physical education lessons a week:

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