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Closed petition Stop the privatisation of Channel 4

The Government have announced they intend to push ahead with the privatisation of Channel 4, and this will be included in May’s Queen’s Speech.

This plan must be abandoned and Channel 4 kept in public hands.

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By becoming privatised this risks commercial decisions determining what is commissioned.

Channel 4 currently has the freedom to produce shows that are culturally balanced, hard hitting and informative - programmes that may not be commercially successful with the advertisers but important to produce nonetheless.

Privatising the channel risks subjecting it to the whims of advertisers - producing shows based on if they can make a profit rather than doing it for an informative purpose.

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Privatisation of Channel 4 debated by MPs

On Tuesday 14 June, MPs debated the proposed privatisation of Channel 4. This was an Opposition Day debate on a motion determined by the Labour Party.

During the debate, MPs discussed how best to ensure Channel 4's long-term sustainability and ability to create distinctive content, as well as wider proposed Government reforms to broadcasting in the UK.

Watch the debate:

Read a transcript of the debate:

What are Opposition Days?

Opposition days are days allocated in the House of Commons for the discussion of subjects chosen by the opposition (non-government) parties.

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