Closed petition Create pension parity for men and women born before 1951/53

The Govt must increase state pension for men/women born before 6 April 51/53 to the same as those born after these dates. The gap of £2.5k between old/new state pensions is an absolute scandal. I missed the new pension by 14 days costing me £2.5k a year. This disparity has led to pauper pensioners.

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How can we live on £2.5 k a year less just because we were born before 6 April 51/53 than someone born later? Does the Government think we have less outgoings - mine are the same as my neighbour so why is my pension over £200pm less? In fact it's more than that. My spouse was born before 6 April 53 so we're hit with a double whammy. The cost of living is the same for all - not because of when you were born. Many affected by this really could do with the extra financial boost this will provide. Mandatory workplace pensions only became law in 2012, too late for anyone 80 years young or more. Most of these people will only get a state pension, not a private pension. Anyone born after the cut off dates gets both the enhanced pension and a workplace pension.

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