Closed petition Reduce the VAT on reusable menstrual products "Period Pants" from 20% to 0%

In January 2021 the Government removed the VAT on menstrual products but failed to include period pants which continue to be taxed at 20%. The Government classifies them as a garment.

The tax code must be brought up to date in line with tampons, pads, cloth pads and menstrual cups (taxed at 0%)

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This tax is making an environmentally and financially sustainable alternative more expensive.

Disposable products can contain up to 90% plastic and have 5-6 times more carbon footprint than period pants. To reduce period poverty and tackle the climate emergency, the Government must act to make this sustainable option more accessible

We call on Treasury to simply address this inequality and make Period Pants 0% VAT along with disposable menstrual products, for the planet and for people.

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