Closed petition Permanently abolish NHS pension abatement rules

The outdated NHS pension abatement rules, currently suspended during the pandemic, should be permanently abolished. Many NHS workers are able to retire at 55 and can be re-employed by the NHS but abatement rules ensure strict restrictions on their hours and earnings until they reach the age of 60.

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There are currently many healthcare professionals aged 55-60 who are retired or due to retire soon, and wish to continue working while drawing their pensions. Many do return to work but are subject to NHS pension abatement rules. This means staff cannot take on full time roles at the grade they retire from and may not be fully rewarded for working unsociable or extra hours.

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MPs publish report on NHS and social care workforce

On Monday 25 July, the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee published a report on workforce recruitment, training and retention in the NHS and social care.

The Committee's report calls on the Government to implement a range of measures to help recruit more NHS and social care staff and address factors that lead to them leaving their roles.

In its report, the Committee makes a series of recommendations to the Government, including calls to:

  • Publish workforce projections for the NHS and social care, including an assessment of whether enough staff are being trained to meet future demand
  • Introduce a new bursary scheme for nursing students
  • Reform the NHS pension scheme to prevent senior staff from reducing their hours or retiring early

Alongside its report, the Committee has also published a separate report by a panel of independent experts brought together by the Committee to examine what progress has been made on key Government commitments on the health and care workforce. The independent panel has rated the Government's progress in this area as "inadequate".

What is the Health and Social Care Committee?

The Health and Social Care Committee is a cross-party group of MPs that look into the work of the Department for Health and Social Care and its associated public bodies, including NHS England.

The Health and Social Committee is a select committee.

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