Petition Create an emergency fund for victims of failed funeral plan companies.

The Government should create an emergency fund to aid victims of failed funeral plan companies as a result of the change in regulations being brought in. This would prevent funeral poverty for the victims, who have diligently saved and set aside their money to protect their families and the state.

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3 funeral plan companies have been asked to withdraw FCA registration, more companies are yet to apply for registration. Those companies who have applied are not guaranteed approval. One company has already gone into liquidation, leaving approximately 46,000 people at risk of funeral poverty. This is causing great distress to victims and their families. The move to change regulatory body, due to government legislation, is likely to impact more victims. Protect the victims from funeral poverty.

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Funeral plan industry to be debated by MPs

On Thursday 26 May, MPs will take part in a Westminster Hall debate on the funeral plan industry. The debate will be led by Lucy Allan MP. The debate will start at 3pm and last for up to 90 minutes.

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