Closed petition Exempt Zimbabweans from English Language test visa requirements.

Zimbabwe was a British colony meaning from nursery all subjects except African languages have been taught in English since."O" and "A" level exams were from Cambridge meaning were being marked in the UK until late 90's. Zimbabweans should not need an English test to come and work or study in UK

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This is only being fair to the Zimbabweans who speak and write very good English compared to some nationals coming to the UK without having to write the test.I came in 2000, taught Mathematics in London to 11-16 and went straight to do my 1st degree in Mathematics without having to study English first and passed with a distinction.I did my masters passing with a commendation.Zimbabweans do not need this IELTS for UK visas.I work with nationals who use google translate at work yet Zimbabweans not

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