Petition Fund pay rise for police officers in line with inflation, plus 1%

The Government should fund a pay rise for police officers in line with inflation plus 1% for a minimum of 5 years. Police officer pay needs a huge hike as it has dramatically falls 20% behind the cost of living over the past decade, according to the Metropolitan Police Federation.

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The morale of many officers is lower than ever, as pressures and burn out increase. As the demand for officers increases, so does the workload. Too many officers are suffering financially. How does this Government expect police officers to carry out fair and honest policing while they are suffering financial strain and massive losses due to the constant attacks on policing and police pay? Stresses are building up and many police officers are leaving policing because they can’t afford it, and can’t afford to live.

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This response was given on 18 July 2022

It is the role of the Police Remuneration Review Body to consider and make recommendations to the Government on the appropriate level of pay and allowances for police officers in England and Wales.

The Government is unequivocal in its support for the police and giving them the resources that they need to protect the public, investing up to £16.9 billion in 2022/23 and committing to recruit an additional 20,000 officers by March 2023.

The Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) gathers and invites parties to submit evidence to inform its decisions. This includes both written and oral evidence from the Government, police employers and police staff associations. It weighs the evidence, considers independent research, and formulates detailed recommendations. In reaching its recommendations, the Review Body must have regard to a number of considerations set out in its terms of reference, including the need to recruit, retain and motivate suitably able and qualified officers; affordability; and the Government’s wider public sector pay policy. The Government values the independent and expert advice of the PRRB and gives very careful consideration to its recommendations.

In addition to annual pay awards, police officers who have not reached the top of their pay scale receive annual incremental pay of at least 2%, and often 4-6%, subject to satisfactory performance. In its 2021 report, the PRRB stated that median total earnings for a full-time police constable outside London are £41,300. Voluntary resignation rates, at 2%, remain low compared to other workforces.

We are determined to ensure the nation does more to honour the service and sacrifice of the police. That is why we introduced the Police Covenant, recognising the bravery and commitment of current and former members of the police workforce and ensuring they get the support and protection they need. We have identified three areas of focus for the Covenant: health and wellbeing, support for families and physical protection. Though the work of the Covenant will be ongoing, it has already helped deliver pre-deployment mental health training for new recruits and improved occupational health standards for officers in service.

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