Closed petition Require Ferry Companies to Comply With the Equality Act 2010

At present ferry companies have no legal obligation to make reasonable adjustment for those that are disabled and these companies may refuse boarding to disabled travellers, even if they have made their disability requirements known 48 hours in advance.

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Those most effected are; disabled travellers that need to remain in the vehicle due to increased risk of infection or poor mobility, those that require large wheelchairs and are unable to transfer to a smaller chair, those that use oxygen cylinders and those that need assistance on ramps. This has had a negative impact on the lives, for many with disabilities, when travelling from UK Islands to mainland Britain, for; medical treatment, making travel connections and going on holiday.

Requiring Ferry Companies to comply with the equalities act, would mean these companies would need to make reasonable adjustment, allowing all disabled travellers to have the same rights of those that are able.

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