Closed petition Bring the draft Bereavement Benefits Remedial Order into law.

The draft remedial order was laid out in July 2021 and last updated in December 2021. This has still not been made into legislation by parliament. I would like this to be made into law as soon as possible to enable those missing out on this payment to be able to claim it.

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The McLaughlin (2018) and Jackson (2020) judgments resulted in the current law being found to be discriminating against the children who’s parents are currently unable to make a claim as they were not married or in a civil partnership with their deceased partner. A draft remedial order has previously been laid out by the DWP to the government asking for this law to be changed following the success of the previously mentioned court cases. I would like the government to pass this law as a matter of urgency to enable eligible parents who are struggling financially during the current economic climate to claim this benefit.

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