Petition Make Domestic & Sexual Abuse Policies Mandatory at Higher Education Institutions

In 2019, I was a victim of domestic and sexual abuse whilst at university. When I reported the abuse to my university, I was told they had no guidance in place to support me. I want the Government to require higher education institutions have polices to support victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

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When reporting the abuse to the student support services, I was told there was nothing they could do to protect me as there wasn't any guidance under their safeguarding policy. My abuser was subsequently convicted, and the university allowed him to continue his education and even represent the university at events. The additional trauma this caused is indescribable.

Legislation requiring higher education institutions have domestic and sexual abuse policies, supported by proper Government guidance for HE to safeguard and provide effective tools and policy to protect future victims of domestic and sexual violence, should ensure victims are better supported in future.

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