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Closed petition Hold a public inquiry into visa arrangements for Ukrainian refugees

We want the Government to be held to account over what we believe is the disgraceful treatment of the people from Ukraine fleeing war. We believe the visa application process has been totally inadequate, with many Ukrainians still waiting for their permission to travel letters.

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Thousands of people, both the generous people who have offered their homes and the thousands who have been waiting for their travel letters, deserve to know the truth.

This should look at:

- How applications have been handled
- Reasons applicants have not had a decision
- Issues with documentation handling
- The support provided by helplines

We demand a public inquiry into this and deserve the answers.

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Government questioned on Homes for Ukraine visa applications by MPs

On Thursday 28 April, MPs questioned Home Office Minister Kevin Foster MP on the work of the Government's visa application centres in relation to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. This followed an Urgent Question from Wendy Chamberlain MP.

Watch MPs question the Government on this issue:

Read the transcript:

During the session, MPs raised concerns about the level of service being provided by Visa Application Centres (VACs), and about oversight arrangements for these centres, which are run by a private provider.

In response, the Minister stated that the Government was working with the operator of these VACs to improve the service they provide, and also said that the Government was "looking towards e-visa permissions, which will mean that people do not need to go to collect something physical in their passport to allow them to travel to the UK."

What is an Urgent Question?

MPs can request that the Speaker considers their application for an urgent question each day. If the Speaker is satisfied that the question is urgent and of public importance, they are then given the opportunity to ask their question in the House of Commons Chamber.

A relevant Government minister has to come to the Chamber to explain what the Government is doing on the issue raised. The minister will then usually take questions on the subject from MPs.

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