Closed petition We want the UK Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Manufacturing.

The strength of the UK economy, its ductility, resilience, and agility are directly dependent upon a flourishing manufacturing sector.
Our sector will be at the heart of the Government's Levelling Up agenda.
To ensure success, we need a dedicated Minister to represent our needs, and be our voice.

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We are the life blood and foundation of British industry and yet we currently do not have a dedicated Minister within Government to represent us.

Our contributions to the economy are:
o £183 billion output
o 2.5m jobs
o 51% of all exports
o 64% of all UK R&D
o 15% of all business investment
o 12% higher wages than average

99% of all manufacturing businesses employ less than 250 people and are classified as Micro or SME's and yet our voices are rarely represented or heard.

We need a voice.

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