Petition Make relaxed rules for outdoor hospitality and making traffic orders permanent

Due to Covid the Government relaxed rules for restaurants, cafes and bars to get licences for outdoor seating, and also rules for local authorities to make Traffic Orders, including closing roads to enable outdoor hospitality. We want these changes made permanent, to support hospitality businesses.

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Provisions relating to outdoor table & chairs licences expire later this year, and relaxed rules for making Traffic Orders to put seating on roads have already fallen. We want both made permanent in time for this summer.

Hospitality businesses are still hugely affected by the lasting impact of COVID.

This is a revenue neutral way to help them recover fiscally and pay off Government loans like Bounce Back, CIBLS, and Recover Loans.

It also has a significant impact on local communities, with friends, families and loved ones able to enjoy food and drink outside in the sun.

Summer is coming; please act urgently to save it for small businesses.

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