Petition Change legal definition of stillborn to include all delivered babies

I want the government to change this SAD law that defines stillbirth as only applying to babies lost after 24 weeks. When a mother has to give birth to the child, this is a stillborn baby.

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I can understand being classed as a miscarriage when you don’t deliver any baby, as I’ve also been through this myself. Giving birth is completely different. That’s logic.

I gave birth on 4 April to our beautiful baby girl who was born at 19 weeks 1 day gestation. Sadly in the eyes of the law this is a miscarriage. I couldn't disagree more, also don’t believe many other mothers would agree with this legal definition. No parent should have to go through this horrific situation to be told they have suffered a miscarriage, when a mother has physically delivered a baby. Can you imagine how midwives must feel having to tell the parents this? Please sign and share this petition and let’s get this law changed once and for all to help all parents of those beautiful angel babies born sleeping.

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