Petition Make disregard for learners' safety an aggravating factor in driving offences

The Government should make disregard for the safety of drivers displaying an L-plate an aggravating factor in dangerous driving and careless driving offences. This would allow courts to impose stronger sentences on drivers who do not take sufficient precautions when driving near learner drivers.

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According to learner insurance provider Marmalade, (, 81% of learner drivers experience abuse from other road users. As a result, 72% make more mistakes, potentially putting them & other road users at risk. Two thirds of learners reported tailgating & aggressive overtaking, 44% being cut-up & 59% honked at. Following abuse 49% had to pull over & 8% gave up driving altogether.

Making such reckless driving around learners an aggravating factor should lead to stronger sentences and a greater deterrent.

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