Petition Address the Energy, Climate and Environment crisis by investing in Renewables

It's a no-brainer. This is a crisis the Government must address by the cheapest, quickest, most environmentally friendly, safest, and most job-creative means.

Promote and increase Government investment in renewables.

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Fossil fuels are ruining the climate and environment. Nuclear is unsafe.

Home-grown renewable energy and insulating our buildings so we don't lose the heat we produce will create more jobs, be cheaper and be quicker in reducing energy prices and global warming.
We ask the Government to think of the good of our country, our global environment and its people.

Increase Government investment in:
- Underwater turbines to harness tidal flows and estuary currents
- Wind farms
- Solar panels.
- Battery technology to store energy.
- Insulation of buildings.

Action, not words, are needed.

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