Closed petition Withdraw from the 1951 Refugee Convention to deter illegal attempts to enter UK

We do not have a problem with genuine refugees. However, one of the reasons for Brexit was to take control of our borders, and we believe some lawyers take advantage of the 1951 convention to enable immigrants who have illegally entered the UK to remain in the UK.

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I am the son of two immigrants who entered the UK legally from India. By failing to withdraw from this convention, we believe the UK is misdirecting resources, that could be used to help those in genuine need, to support people who entered the UK illegally. We must withdraw!

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MPs discuss the Illegal Immigration Bill

On Tuesday 7 March the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Suella Braverman MP, gave a statement to the House of Commons on the Illegal Immigration Bill.

The Minister updated MPs on the purpose and introduction of the Bill.

Following the statement the Minister was questioned by MPs.

What are Ministerial statements?

Ministerial statements are a way for Ministers to bring an important matter to the attention of the House.

What will the Illegal Immigration Bill do?

The Illegal Immigration Bill includes the following measures:

  • The Home Secretary will have a legal duty to remove people who have entered the UK illegally
  • People who come to the UK illegally will be prevented from settling in the country and will face a permanent ban from returning
  • People who come here illegally will have their asylum claims deemed inadmissible and considered in a safe third country

  • Read the announcement of the Illegal Immigration Bill

  • Follow the Bill's progress

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