Closed petition Ban petrol leaf blowers which harm human health, animals and the environment

Follow other parts of the world in banning the use of petrol leaf blowers, which have become ubiquitous in schools, playgrounds and gardens. There is no place for this toxic practice when so many greener, cleaner, quieter alternatives exist.

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Leaf blowers:

- are more polluting than cars for particulate pollutants, which can adversely affect development of children's lungs and brains, and also contribute to ozone;

- emit approximately 30% of their fuel as carcinogenic aerosol;

- pulverize and disperse dust, including from brake linings and carcinogenic 'carbon black' from tire wear, which can stay airborne for days, and can be small enough to get past the protective cilia in our airways, passing into our lungs & bloodstream;

- cause permanent hearing damage;

- kill insects and can maim small animals.

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