Closed petition Public Inquiry into the loss of HMS Glorious, Acasta and Ardent

On June 8th 1940 over 1,500 UK Service personnel were killed when HMS Glorious, Acasta and Ardent were attacked and sunk by German battleships. The Admiralty Board of Enquiry assessed the incident, but its published findings have been challenged. A Public Inquiry is needed to ascertain the facts.

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Many families never got closure or fully understood the circumstances surrounding the loss of these ships and their brave service personnel. In 1940 the UK Government was dealing with the threat of invasion and we believe the assessment made by the Admiralty Board of Enquiry was inadequate.

A full Public Inquiry, with access to data held by intelligence services and other government branches, should be conducted to investigate this incident in more detail, and publish a full account of events. The Government owe it to the service personnel who were killed to find the answers.

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