Petition Voucher scheme for those with Coeliacs Disease for gluten-free food

Those with Coeliac Disease need to avoid gluten, but some PCTs have stopped prescribing Gluten Free food as it’s too costly for the NHS. I would like the Government to give those with Coeliacs Disease a monthly voucher for gluten-free food, to help them maintain a healthy diet.

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With the cost of living crisis, Gluten Free food was already more expensive than regular food, and now costs have increased more.

Italy has a scheme funded by the government where those with Coeliacs Disease receive vouchers specifically for gluten-free food (eg. bread, pasta, flours etc.). If there was a similar scheme for those who have Coeliacs Disease in the UK this should help save the NHS from prescribing this food. Vouchers could be based on age & how much gluten free food they require.

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