Petition Make it a legal requirement that all new homes have solar energy installed.

I would like the government to introduce a bill to legally bind the construction companies building new houses and flats in the UK , to include with the construction solar panels in the roof. This would help on home running costs and assist in our climate policy pledge on carbon emissions.

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I want the Government to do this as solar panels installed within new homes would be far cheaper than retro fitting after construction. Plus they could be included into the building at the design stage. The homes should be designed with roof direction and slope to maximise energy production.

The bill would be worded with a minimum level of panels per size of home.

This bill would show that the Government is acting on energy prices.
The Bill would also show we are working towards reducing our carbon emissions and progressing towards our climate change objectives.

It would also show that new homes could be built with energy affordability in mind .

It would also help in marketing new homes with energy performance certificates at better levels.

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