Petition Set a Minimum Pension Guarantee (MPG) of at least £200 pw for state pensioners

An MPG of at least £200 per week to be set for all state pensioners, irrespective of gender, marital status or contribution record, to remove anomalies in the pension system, including the growing discrepancy between the old and new state pensions. Any higher pensions should not be affected.

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Silver Voices research (from DWP sources) reveals that in September 2020 only 6% of state pensioners received the top rate of the new state pension at £185 per week, 87% received a basic State Pension of £142 or less. The UK provides the worst state pension in the developed world, which is insufficient for life’s essentials, particularly with surging energy and food prices. After a lifetime of tax and national insurance contributions, older people deserve a minimum income of £200 per week without recourse to the benefits system.

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