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Closed petition Fund regular mammograms and MRIs from women from the age of 18

Mammograms and MRIs should be available for women every single year of their adult life. Cancer has no age requirements. Mammograms and MRIs are vital in detecting cancer and other dangerous lumps, and most importantly, they are vital in saving the lives of women. Mammograms save lives.

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There are a number of types of lumps which can only be detected by mammograms. Mammograms are only routinely offered to over 50s, and young women can be denied referrals to breast clinics due to their age.

We are told to look for early signs of cancer in order to get the best likelihood of survival, but too many are then refused the tests to check for said cancer. It makes no sense and it is unfair. We deserve access to screening and the peace of mind of knowing we are safe and can trust our NHS to protect us from cancer.

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