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Closed petition Protect plants and animals from 5G Millimeter Wave ('mmWave') Radiation

To protect and enhance biodiversity, the Government should commission a rigorous, science-based, and independent, risk assessment on the effects of 5G mmWave radiation on plants and animals, using the findings to implement protective non-ionising radiation limits, particularly regarding pollinators.

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Ofcom is releasing mmWave spectrum, at 26 GHz and 40 GHz, to support 5G.

The UK applies ICNIRP's controversial non-ionising radiation guidelines, but these don't consider effects on plants and animals.

There are scientific concerns that 5G mmWaves could be particularly harmful to smaller animal species, such as pollinators. An unconstrained mmWave rollout could lead to catastrophic ecological consequences.

This study looked at the effects of non-ionising electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna:

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