Petition Validate Brazilian Drivers Licence and exchange to British equivalent in the UK

With the lack of drivers and tests available in the whole country and the amount of Brazilians with full Brazilian Driving Licences living in the UK. It will be beneficial to Brazilians with UK residence, to have their licences exchanged for British equivalent driver's Licences. Let's get it done!

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The current shortfall of around 90,000 delivery drivers placing unsustainable pressure on business and the economy. While there is a shortage of drivers prior to the Covid-19 and Brexit, these 2 events have exacerbated the situation; the pandemic halted driver training & testing for more than 12 months, while an estimated 14,000 EU drivers returned home during the pandemic and following the end of the transition period.
We do have the workforce as above we just need to get it done & sorted now!

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