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Closed petition End All Government Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Companies

The UK is reported to have given over £13bn in subsidies to fossil fuel companies since the Paris agreement in 2015, including £10bn in tax reliefs for exploration and production. This is the third highest in the world, after India and China. These need to stop, and the money put to better use.

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We are in a cost of living crisis and fossil fuel companies have recorded record profits. They do not need government support especially when people are struggling to pay rising energy costs.

We also have a climate emergency and giving money to fossil fuel companies will surely reduce our ability to hit net zero by 2050. We should not be subsidising polluters while trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

The money could be better spent improving health care, schools or even combating climate change.

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MPs publish a report on how the UK can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels

MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have been investigating how the UK can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and secure energy supplies to tackle the energy affordability, security and sustainability crises facing the UK.

Report on accelerating the transition from fossil fuels and securing energy supplies

The Environment Audit Committee is calling for a national mobilisation, or ‘war effort’, on energy efficiency to reduce household energy bills, cut climate-changing emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports.

They argue that accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels will enhance the UK’s energy security, shield households from future energy shocks, and reduce the ability of aggressive and repressive regimes to use oil and gas supplies as an economic weapon.

What happens next?

The Government must respond to the committee's report, which was published on 5 January 2023, within two months. The Committee will publish the Government’s response on the Environmental Audit Committee's website.

What is the Environmental Audit Committee?

The Environmental Audit Committee is a cross-party group of non-Government MPs who look into how Government policies and departments contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Environmental Audit Committee is a select committee.

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