Petition Bring forward and strengthen Biodiversity Net Gain requirements on developments

Bring forward 10% Mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain requirements on all new housing developments to February 2023. Ensure that all BNG, equalling the minimum 10% net gain, are within the site of development.

The 10% BNG improvements should not be achieved using any off-site habitat enhancements.

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The current 2 year implementation period for the 10% mandatory BNG is too long. We ask that the Government reduce this period in order to protect our fragile environment now.

We are asking for the implementation period to be shortened from 2 years to 16 months meaning it would come into force by the 9th February 2023.

As the Government is aware we are in a climate emergency, we do not have time to allow our environment to be damaged by poor regard to BNG targets which are already recommended.

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