Closed petition Raise prices for House of Commons catering services to enable full cost recovery

In 2019/20, revenue from House of Commons catering services was £9.68M. The cost of providing those catering services was £14.25M - not including depreciation and imputed rent. The difference of £4.57M (32% of costs) was effectively covered by the taxpayer.

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Prices in many of the bars and restaurants in the House of Commons do not reflect prices in nearby catering venues, and in effect are heavily subsidised by the UK taxpayer.

Most UK workers do not enjoy such privileges. MPs and the parliamentary authorities must act quickly to ensure that prices for food and drink in the House of Commons are raised to levels that allow all costs to be met by sales.

At a time when people experience financial pain and struggles at this time of national crisis and rampant inflation, it is not right that House of Commons catering services act at a loss, which is paid for by the taxpayer.

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