Petition Make the resale of event tickets for more than face value illegal.

For major sports events, music concerts, etc., tickets are sold online.
Touts use automated software to buy tickets en masse, for the sole purpose of reselling them at inflated prices.
Mass buying of tickets, for the purpose of reselling at more than their face value, must be made illegal.

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An example:
For the Chris Eubank Jr v Conor Benn boxing event, tickets went on sale at a specific time. From that time, 20000 tickets were sold out in 10 minutes - which is impossible unless they were being bought en masse.
Another 10 minutes later, thousands of tickets appeared for resale at three or four times their face value, such that fans had no choice but to pay the inflated prices.
The same happens for other events, e.g. music concerts. This blatant profiteering must be stopped.

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