Petition Increase funding for treatment of pulmonary fibrosis & interstitial lung disease

We ask the Government to prioritise funding for PF and interstitial lung disease services. PF is terminal and kills approximately 8,000 people a year. It has a survival rate worse than many cancers. Increasing funding and creating a care pathway equal to cancer care could improve health outcomes.

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Imagine trying to breathe through cling film. This is the reality for many of the 70,000 people in the UK living with PF - a group of 200+ diseases that permanently scars lungs.

The UK has one of the highest mortality rates in Europe for ILD and pulmonary fibrosis patients are at risk of poorer health outcomes post COVID-19.

Investment and prioritisation of funding for ILD services is required urgently. An improved PF care pathway could improve outcomes for patients living now, before it’s too late.

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