Closed petition Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop& report accidents involving cats

I want the government to amend the law.

The law currently is that you don’t have to stop & report incidents involving cats on the road, yet you have to if it’s a dog.

Both are loved family pets & both have the same effect emotionally if they’re involved in an accident.

It needs to change.

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Cats are an extremely common household pet in the UK.

They are loved the same as any other animal in the home & are mourned for the exact same amount as you would a dog.

They do not deserve to be classed as rodents.
If the law was changed, a LOT more people would know what’s happened to their pet rather than wondering forever where their family member has gone.

No driver should be allowed to kill a family member and legally drive off, even if it’s an accident. It needs to be law to stop.

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