Closed petition Ban the Use of Poison, Lethal Traps and Other Lethal Methods of Pest Control

Rats are very intelligent and usually social creatures. They are also capable of empathy for other rats. Foxes are vital native predators. Yet, these innocent creatures, along with many others, are wrongly and cruelly killed simply for existing, causing inconveniences and being in the wrong places.

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Rat traps kill by crushing the necks of poor little rats, or by electrocuting them.
Glue traps are infamously evil, killing the poor animals slowly by suffocation or dehydration.
Rat poisons are also extremely cruel, taking days to kill the poor rats by internal bleeding and turning their poor insides into a soup.
Unwanted wildlife are also shot and otherwise killed. There are alternatives to killing wildlife to control them. Native and endangered animals are also at risk due to poisoning.

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