Closed petition Include PCOS & Endometriosis education in the national secondary curriculum

PCOS & Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and people who ovulate. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness and understanding of both conditions leaves many women and girls undiagnosed, resulting in years of unnecessary physical and mental pain and suffering.

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I endured PCOS for four years before receiving a diagnosis at 19 years old. Sadly, my GP gave me little advice and no support. I was misinformed about the condition, including my fertility, which later led to an unwanted pregnancy ending in a termination. This traumatic experience left me with not only shame but sadness and anguish. However, I now realise that I was hugely let down by the system and the massive gap in general awareness and education around this common women's health condition. Please sign this petition so that all children learn about PCOS & Endometriosis early on in life and hopefully no one else has to suffer unnecessarily.

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