Petition Reduce the VAT on Hospitality businesses to 10%

Reduce the VAT on Hospitality to 10% from the current rate of 20% to allow Hospitality to survive the storm - or risk losing a large proportion of the industry to it.

The current tax system is disproportional and should be changed alongside changes in tax on supermarkets and online sales.

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As an industry we face unprecedented hurdles.

- Wages have increased 20%
- Food prices have risen by 8.5%
- Utilities have doubled
- Rates are soon to rise
- We have higher debts payments coming out of the pandemic

This presents a perfect storm of costs that just can't be absorbed.
We must reduce VAT to 10% to help us weather this unprecedented storm.

This rate should be extended to

• Hot Food
• Soft Drinks
• Hot Drinks
• Events & Door Tickets
• Accommodation
• Attractions

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