Closed petition Extend temporary admission for UA refugees to use cars with UA registration

I want to ask the UK parliament and government to temporarily allow UA refugees to use their cars for the same duration as the "Homes for Ukrainians" scheme.
The UK has a mechanism of temporary admission in place form c110, and we ask to extend it and let UA refugees apply for this admission.

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UA refugees are forced to change their UA registration to British, which makes it impossible to return their cars to Ukraine.

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Government responded

This response was given on 11 May 2023

To ensure road safety for all drivers on UK roads, foreign imported vehicles must generally be registered with the DVLA and issued with UK licence plates.

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The UK is leading the way in supporting Ukraine following the illegal invasion by Putin. The Department for Transport (DfT) has been actively engaged in making the transition to life in the UK as seamless as possible and is continuing to explore further support for the Ukrainian community in the UK.

This is not always straightforward and one area where Ukrainian arrivals have had to adapt is in motoring. Vehicle registration and associated vehicle standards are vital to UK motoring to ensure road safety. Ukrainian vehicles that have been temporarily brought to the UK are treated the same as any other foreign registered vehicle brought in by non-UK residents.

We understand that vehicle registration can be complex given the steps to take change dependent on the age, make, model and condition of vehicle. Given the unique circumstances in which Ukrainians entered the UK, the DfT and associated agencies have permitted some temporary modifications to vehicles to be accepted in certain circumstances where a Ukrainian visa holder vehicle requires Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA), such as the use of beam deflector stickers. Ukrainians can trigger these requirements by mentioning their visa status when applying for IVA, and then showing that visa when they bring their vehicle in for testing.

Specific agency personnel have also been assigned to support Ukrainians who wish to register their vehicle. If a Ukrainian national is in any doubt regarding the changes that may, or may not, be required to their vehicle before registration, we recommend contacting the relevant UK authority – which have specific resource available to support Ukrainians. This can be accessed by contacting the Driving and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA), Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) as appropriate with an e-mail titled ‘Ukrainian VISA query’.

DVLA: advice on vehicle registration applications and driving licences

DVSA: advice on the examination of non-EU compliant vehicles and to carry out inspections for an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certificate

VCA: advice on the GB Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) conversion process for EU compliant vehicles

Depending on the type of IVA, the VCA or DVSA will be able to advise on vehicle standards or modifications required.

In addition to this, the Department has provided opportunity for the public to be consulted on a proposal to extend beyond the current 12-month period the time during which a Ukrainian visa holder that holds a Ukrainian driving licence is able to drive cars in GB on that licence. Following the outcome of the consultation process, in line with legal procedures, government will look to introduce any legislation as soon as practicable.

The UK government does not have any jurisdiction on the rules, regulations and costs associated with vehicles returning to Ukraine. However, it is recommended that Ukrainians keep all paperwork and original licence plates when registering their vehicle with the DVLA. Any original paperwork will be returned, whilst licence plates do not need to be sent to the DVLA. DfT understands from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine that Ukrainian vehicles which have the right paperwork and relevant number plates will be able to be immediately used in Ukraine on return to the country.

Department for Transport