Petition Ban the advertising of animals showing signs of extreme breeding or mutilation

Ban the advertising of dogs, cats and rabbits that show signs of extreme breeding that can be harmful to their health, or have been mutilated.

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This should cover: Brachycephalic animals e.g. Pugs; cartilage deformity e.g. Scottish Fold cats; mutilations e.g. ear cropped dogs.

Despite excellent work educating vets to the problems associated with extreme breeding, there continues to be a rise in the sales of these breeds.

The general public (and social media influencers) often make decisions to purchase these animals before seeing a vet. Vets cannot easily inform or influence this decision to buy, and are left to manage their congenital problems and see them suffer.

Similar to banning tobacco advertising, banning the advertising of these types of animals should help undermine a market which fuels extreme breeding.

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