Petition Amend the speed limits for goods vehicles under 3.5t on dual carriageways

Currently you cannot travel at 70mph on Dual carriageways in a goods vehicle weighing less than 7.5t.
I would like a new law set for specifically light goods vehicles weighing under 3.5t to be able to travel at 70mph on a dual carriageway.

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I believe that the current laws are antiquated and need to be amended. Current/modern LGV vehicles weighing under 3.5t are subject to the 7.5t vehicle speed restrictions for dual carriageways. Most LGV's are small vans that are never usually carrying there full capacity load even if so they would still weigh less less some vehicles that can do the 70mph speed limit. For example a Large 4x4 suv with a full tank of fuel, 5 adult passengers, the rear carriage space full to load capacity and a roof box at full load capacity can do 70mph on a dual carriageway without issue and may even be over 3.5t in weight. Vehicles weighing over 3.5t and under 7.5t should still be subject to there current limits.

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