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Closed petition Remove the statue of Cromwell from outside Parliament and put it in a museum

The statue of Oliver Cromwell, which stands outside the Houses of Parliament, must be taken down (as he is not a figure that should be glorified - he was a mass murderer) and put in a museum (where it can be used to teach about the heinous acts he committed while alive).

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Born in 1599, he signed Charles 1's death warrant and later became "Lord Protector". Cromwell led many campaigns, offensives and massacres (especially in Ireland) which resulted in the deaths of 600,000 people.
His statue is up because he led Britain when it was a republic, but the monarchy was reinstated immediately upon his death in 1660. The statue is an insult to all Catholics and people of Irish descent (his main targets) and must be removed immediately. Stop glorifying murderers.

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