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Closed petition Create a £25 million annual fund to pay for respite breaks for unpaid carers

The Government to create an annual fund of £25m to pay for respite breaks for unpaid carers, many of whom cannot afford to pay for these themselves, and deserve breaks for their caring responsibilities.

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It is estimated that the UK's 13m+ unpaid carers save the treasury around £135bn per year. But many of them are weary and worn out and their caring responsibilities take a toll on their physical and mental health.

A mini break, paid for by the Government, could help restore their energy and ability to keep on caring. We believe it's in the Government's own interest that unpaid carers keep on supporting the sick and infirm in the UK but often they need a break to keep going.

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Share your experiences for a debate on National Carers Week and respite for carers

On Thursday 8 June, Dame Caroline Dinenage MP will lead a debate in Parliament entitled ‘National Carers Week and respite for carers’.

To inform the debate, she would like to hear about your experiences of providing unpaid care, and insights on support for carers. She may quote your contribution directly during her debate.

Find out more and share your experiences with her by midday on Wednesday 7 June:

Videos of the debate, the transcript of what was said, and other relevant material will be accessible from 8 June on this webpage.

What are backbench business debates?

Backbench business debates give backbenchers (MPs who aren’t ministers or shadow ministers) an opportunity to secure a debate on a topic of their choice, either in the main House of Commons Chamber or Westminster Hall, the second chamber of the House of Commons.

MPs can make a request for a debate to the Backbench Business Committee, who hears requests and decides which debates to schedule.

Backbench debates can either be general debates (which do not end in a vote) or be on a substantive motion (which calls for an action and can end in a vote). This will be a general debate.