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Closed petition Make it illegal for anyone other than the test sitter to book a driving test

We need to make it illegal for anyone who is not the test sitter to be able to book a driving test, unless that have a disability. The current implementations by the DVLA are not working, laws are necessary to protect the rights of the people from being scalped.

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On the DVLA website, driving test slots are being scalped and sold for 3 times the original amount. The DVLA has enacted the Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) process to prevent this, it clearly is not working. In Nov 2022 tests are still being scalped. We need a law to make it illegal for a) anyone other than the test sitter to book a test, unless they have a disability and b) illegal to change the name or swap who is taking a test. Drastic actions are needed as solutions are not working.

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