Petition Remove the ‘right to roam’ status currently applicable to domesticated Cats

Update the law around domestic cats, removing their "right to roam" status, putting the onus on cat owners to take responsibility for any nuisance to, or loss of enjoyment of, land, private property and wildlife. Cats should fall under the same laws applying to dogs and other domesticated animals.

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A: Cats kill an estimated 27 million birds/fledglings each breeding season (RSPB). We should be protecting our wildlife during a critical time for many species. Two species they predate are in serious decline; House sparrows (71%) and Starlings (66%). The Mammal Society's Domestic Cats Predation on Wildlife research says 100 million prey items are taken by cats each season.
B: Environmental protection laws being passed to save species, yet cats permitted to roam with the privilege to destroy.

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