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1) Form a cross-Government Anti-Hindu Hatred Working Group to discuss issues & concerns with Hindu stakeholders & Proposals for Policies.

2) Investigate if appropriate and timely actions were taken during recent attacks on the Hindu community in the UK.

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Recent increasing attacks on the Hindu community are of grave concern. There were multiple life-threatening attacks on the Hindu community along with the destruction of property and a systematic spread of hatred on social media to the point that police were misguided. This is serious as this problem's roots are linked to the country of origin from where this hatred is brewed. This needs to be handled efficiently and effectively to avoid growing issues in the coming days.

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Government responded

This response was given on 11 May 2023

This Government takes all forms of religious hatred very seriously. We are considering our approach to religious hatred and will be announcing our next steps in due course.

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This Government is committed to ensuring that prejudice and discrimination have no place in our society. We are also committed to understanding the causes of tensions between communities and we encourage interaction with all faith groups, and support local authorities to best understand the needs of the communities they serve. There are no exceptions to these commitments.

We took the disorder in Leicester very seriously and this was an example of where we worked quickly across Government, with local communities, policing partners, and the local authority to protect communities of all faiths across the city.

There is no place in our country for hatred towards Hindus and we must stamp it out wherever it occurs.

Alongside the Government’s commitment, we have some of the strongest legislation in the world to tackle hate crime and we continue to encourage those who have experienced hatred to come forward to the Police or to report to the Police online portal True Vision. The Home Office has approved grants worth over £19m for the installation of protective security measures (e.g. CCTV, perimeter fencing) at places of worship, including to Hindu temples, across England and Wales, and is also developing a new Faith Security Training scheme to raise security awareness amongst faith communities to help them prepare to mitigate security risks.

We are continuing to consider our approach to religious hatred more broadly, including hatred directed at Hindus, and will be announcing our next steps in due course.

Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

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