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Closed petition Referendum on ending government's economically costly Ukraine/Russia policies

The government, unless they change their policies, (including ending economically self-defeating sanctions against Russia (causing energy price rises) and sending billions in arms to Ukraine, instead becoming neutral peacemakers), to hold a UK wide referendum on the subject within six months maximum

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The government have intervened on one side in the Ukraine conflict, without any mandate from UK citizens, who have had to suffer massive economic consequences.
These include increased energy, cost of living, interest rate, inflation, unemployment, tax and rates rises, plus strikes, business damage, and reduced government services.
Taxpayers paid £100bn Energy price support and £10bn Ukraine military and other aid to date.
Striving for peace would help end the bloodshed, restore stability and deescalate the world energy, food and refugee situation.

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Government responded

This response was given on 13 July 2023

Russia’s attempts to destroy Ukraine threaten security and prosperity across the world. Three-quarters of UN members condemned Russia’s invasion. The Government does not support holding a referendum.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unjustified and unprovoked and is the most egregious violation of international law and the UN Charter since World War Two. As a sovereign state, Ukraine has the right to determine its own future and we stand with our Ukrainian friends as they fight for their survival. Peace is achievable in 24 hours; Russia could end the war tomorrow by withdrawing its troops from Ukraine.

As the Prime Minister set out in the Integrated Review Refresh 2023, support for Ukraine is not just about our values. We are acting because Ukraine’s security is all of our security. Our immediate and most urgent priority is supporting the self-defence and restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, invasion and occupation of Crimea, threats to the UK homeland and attempts to destroy Ukraine are assaults on European security.

There is broad international support for the UK’s position. Russia’s illegal act of aggression against a sovereign state was condemned by three-quarters of UN members (143 votes for and 5 against at UNGA’ 23 February 2023). It is therefore in the UK’s national security and economic interests to support Ukraine to defeat Russia’s war of aggression. That is why total UK military, humanitarian and economic support committed to Ukraine since the invasion now amounts to over £9.3 billion. Of this, £347 million of UK humanitarian assistance has helped the Ukrainian Government, the UN, NGOs and Red Cross to reach 15.8 million vulnerable people in need in Ukraine and the surrounding region.

UK support aims to support Ukraine to achieve a fair and lasting peace as quickly as possible. The quickest path to peace is Putin’s withdrawal from Ukraine. President Zelenskyy indicated his readiness for negotiations in a Ten Point Peace Formula at the November G20 summit, in line with the UN Charter. We will continue to engage with the Government of Ukraine and partners to discuss how the war can be brought to a just and sustainable end. No-one wants peace more than the Ukrainians. However, it is only by going into peace negotiations from a position of military, economic and diplomatic strength that Ukraine will secure a strong and lasting peace.

The Government is committed to exploring all legal routes with regard to using frozen Russian assets for use for the reconstruction of Ukraine. To demonstrate our commitment to this agenda, we laid legislation on 19 June this year to enable us to keep sanctions in place until Russia pays compensation.

Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine has contributed to a surge in energy prices, driving high inflation across the world. Central banks are raising interest rates to get inflation under control, which has pushed up the cost of borrowing for families, businesses and governments.

We are working closely with our international partners to mitigate the wider impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and tackle global food insecurity. This includes working to keep exports of Ukrainian grain and other foodstuffs flowing through the UN Black Sea Grain Initiative. We shall prioritise the UK’s future economic security in its response. The immediate economic costs are lower than long-term instability in Europe.

As the Prime Minister and G7 Leaders set out in their statement in Hiroshima in May this year, we will continue to provide the financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support Ukraine requires for as long as it takes.

On the basis set out above, the UK Government does not support holding a referendum on the UK’s policies towards Russia and Ukraine. The Government is strongly committed to supporting Ukraine and holding Russia to account for its illegal invasion.

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office