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Too many sentient animals are oppressed, abused and suffer due to human treatment. Sentient animals are abused, exploited and killed for food, circuses, zoos, breeding, testing, fur, leather, wool, Chinese medicine, as pests and even pets are sometimes abused.

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We want legislation giving all sentient animals the following rights:

* The Right to Life (the right to not be killed unless absolutely necessary for survival or in cases of euthanasia).
* Protection from Abuse (the right to not be unjustly hurt/harmed).
* The Right to Veterinary Care (for both domesticated and found wild animals).
* The Right to A Good Diet and Water (for all wild and domesticated animals).
* The Right to Proper Care (for domesticated/captive animals).
* A Right to Be Treated With Respect, Compassion and Love.

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