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Closed petition Hold a referendum on legalising Euthanasia in the UK

I am asking the Government to hold a referendum on legalising Euthanasia in the UK. If there is a majority in favour of legalising Euthanasia, the Government should allow people to choose how they want to end their lives in case of terminal illness or great loss of quality of life.

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Watching my mother die slowly in a cramped and noisy hospital room during this terrible NHS crisis, without even having been offered a room to die in peace after suffering a very large stroke which got her into an irreversible coma, made me ask many people I came across to, in and out of the hospital, about their opinion on legalising Euthanasia in the UK, and all of them agreed people should be able to choose to die through Euthanasia rather than having to suffer in a hospital bed for days and weeks until their bodies give up.

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